Billy Goat Bluff – Australia’s Best Tracks

Billy Goat Bluff is one of the steepest tracks in the Victorian High Country, so be prepared. It should only be attempted by experienced 4WD enthusiasts.

It is a challenging 4wd fire trail located in the Alpine National Park, in Victorian High Country, Australia. Ascending 1,200 metres in only 7 kilometres, this steep track edged with cliff faces is one of the tougher climbs in the high country.

The track can be quite narrow in places and it can be challenging to pass oncoming vehicles so radio communication is crucial.

The surface of the road is rocks, stones and gravel. It offers scenic views and a mixture of driving conditions including some steep grades and rocky sections. Allow at least one hour on the way up. The view from the top is absolutely breathtaking and is well worth the drive. The Pinnacles Fire Tower lookout provides amazing panoramic views of the high country.


Difficult. Low range and high clearance


  1.  Kingswell Bridge bush camp with no facilities
  2. Moroka Hut bush camp with no facilities
  3. McFarlane Saddle bush camp with no facilities
  4. Black Snake Creek camping area has toilets
  5. Horseyard Flat camping area has toilets, fire pits, a picnic area and drinking water.

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