Tag-along Tours

  1. For logistical and safety reasons, a tag-along convoy organised by WAYPOINT can comprise no more than 12 vehicles (plus guide).
  2. You are required to confirm that all drivers possess a driver’s license valid in Australia.
  3. You are required to accept full responsibility for the maintenance of my/our vehicle during the expedition. This includes regularly checking water, battery and oil levels and tyre pressures.
  4. You are required to confirm that ‘tag along tours’ are challenging self-drive adventures traversing remote areas.
  5. You are required to confirm that the tour price does not include the cost of any vehicle repairs or towing expenses.
  6. You are required to confirm that you are liable for all traffic offences incurred during the tour.
  7. You are required to confirm that in the event that WAYPOINT arranges/facilitates hire of vehicles or other equipment for a client, the contract and terms and conditions for use of that equipment is between the client and the supplier of the goods.
  8. WAYPOINT recommends that you have some form of vehicle insurance (in addition to third party).
  9. Hire vehicles and/or equipment must be paid for prior to collection.