Dan from Waypoint Expeditions

Dan Wood

Former photojournalist turned outback fixer, Sahara Dan’s passion for travel and the Australian Outback has led him on many adventures. He’s trekked on foot across the Sahara Desert (hence the nickname), ridden a motor-cycle south to north across the African continent, trekked the Gobi Desert,  and cooled his heels in the Atacama, but it’s here at home in Australia that he’s enjoyed found of greatest adventures.

He is family to the Walmajarri and Martu of the Western Deserts and worked extensively through Central Australia, the Kimberley and the Pilbara. He has made solo crossings of the Simpson, Gibson, Tanami, Great Sandy and Great Victoria Deserts, the Madigan Line, Carson River Track, Canning Stock Route, and explored deep into the heart of Australia. He’s trekked from the Calvert Ranges to Constance Headland and spent just as much time off track as on track.

This extensive travel through the Australian Outback, on and off the beaten track always in search of amazing locations and tracks – these journeys were the seed for Waypoint Expeditions.

“Waypoint Expeditions is so much more than just 4WD trekking across vast and beautiful desert landscapes. It’s also about place. Fauna and flora, history and culture of country. I want clients to experience the thrill of remote outback travel but also to leave with greater understanding of place and integral part it contributes to our ethos.”

In addition Sahara Dan is a regular contributor to HEMA Maps, Unsealed 4×4 and 4×4 Adventures. His forte is the Aboriginal and European history of occupation and exploration in the outback. He is a passionate advocate of sustainable 4WD driving and bush camping and its importance in keeping the Australian Outback viable and accessible.

Dan Wood