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4WD Driving Techniques

4WD Tips Before you go on your trip know your 4WD and the operation of free wheeling hubs, transfer box levers, etc. IN THE BUSH If you're unsure of the ground ahead, especially if there's mud or water, get out and check it Keep thumbs outside the steering wheel Don't change gear in the middle of a tricky section If in doubt always choose the lower gear Tyre pressures play…

Tyre Puncture

Tyre Puncture Repair

A tyre puncture repair is so easy to do if it’s just a small hole no larger than a little finger nail (a small stick, nail, spike or anything that’s staked the tyre which is no wider than a big nail), but you will need the right tools for the job. Tyre repair kit or tyre plugging kit (same thing) & pliers. Sometimes a jack and tyre iron or socket…