Mastering the art of outback adventuring!

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``Outback Australia is a very special place and I want clients to not only experience the thrill and adventure of remote outback travel but also to leave with greater understanding of place and integral part it contributes to our ethos... ``

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We are passionate advocates for the ecological sustainability of the Australian Outback. We work with departments and traditional custodians alike to ensure our trips continue to preserve the environment for all visitors and for the future..

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While we never stop learning, we impart our knowledge and expertise of travelling through some of the remotest parts of Australia with tips and tricks - vehicle mods to enhance your 4WD experience - and through our associations cultural sensitivity and bush knowledge from traditional custodians.


Following the paths less travelled!

Waypoint Expeditions is more than an outback touring company. We’re a team of passionate 4×4 drivers, travellers, adventurers and explorers who love sharing the best of the Australian Outback’s roads less travelled. And like all the best things in life, touring the outback is best enjoyed with like minded mates. So we invite you to explore the the Gibson, Tanami and Great Sandy Deserts, Rudall River, the Madigan Line, Canning Stock Route, the Simpson Desert like few people have ever seen it and more with us, as your local guides and experts.

Our expeditions are not rushed. There’s plenty of time to sightsee and explore, take walks, shoot the landscape or find that elusive bird. On average time on the road is between 5-6 hours covering distances of less than 100km a day.

They are also carefully researched and designed journeys making them more than just a tag along. Each expedition is designed to give you the opportunity to learn and share knowledge and skills on the art of sustainable 4WDing, camping tips and other skills essential for successful outback touring. They’re also designed to provide with the opportunity to immerse yourself in cultural and history of place and above all the importance and preservation of the Australian Outback as a wilderness destination.

“The Outback is 4/5 of our continent. It's at the heart of ethos... it is omnipresent.``
Sustainable Tourism

Waypoint Expeditions works with sustainable initiatives to make it easier to conserve natural resources, protect plants and wildlife.

Working with Locals

Where possible and appropriate Waypoint Expeditions works with traditional Australians to integrate country and culture into our expeditions.

Innovative Tours

Waypoint Expeditions custom designs its tours to provide clients with experiences that are adventurous, cultural and educational.


Waypoint Expeditions is committed to responsible travel in the Australian Outback and advocates sustainable 4WD driving that conserves and minimises our footprint on the environment.