Who is Bear?


Bear is an Australian Red Kelpie.

He began his life on the Beloka Kelpie Stud, Gippsland, Victoria where he was until the age of 5. He was a working cattle dog plucked from obscurity by dog trainer Luke Hura for the film Red Dog True Blue. While not the slender main star, Phoenix, Bear’s unique red mane and stocky frame are Red Dog’s actions sequences. From rounding up cattle, chasing motorbikes and running the red dirt of the Pilbara. He was, more or less, Phoenix’s stunt double.

Important to note and most stunties would agree, they’re a unique breed and Bear is no exception. He is quiet and serious, rarely barks, never licks and has a gentle soul (like most stunties!). Bear doesn’t mind a bit of cuddle and is very adventurous. He is, in essence, the perfect sidekick with a nose for adventure.

Of the 3 adult dogs on set he was way the most popular with his nuggety good looks and gentle nature winning hearts across the crew. He won mine and as fortune would have it, I was lucky to be given the caring for Bear on the completion of filming.

This companionship was cemented over a two week journey returning home to Broome where we took our time and explored the Pilbara in the Troopy. It was love at first sight and ne’er the ‘twain shall be separated. Me? Nah, not me… Bear and the Troopy! These days I just have to jingle the keys and he’s beside himself with joy. He’ll sit in there for hours when I’m just faffing about the truck and does it take some work to coax him out.